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Interactive Video Lessons
Don’t just watch lectures, rather interact with the lessons. More than you get for free on YouTube, lessons include questions with instant feedback on student responses. Lessons cover every topic in Micro, Macro, International and Development.

Class Exercises
Worksheets covering every topic in the AP and IB course, with detailed answer keys. Best assigned after the related video lesson for completion with teacher assistance in class, as prescribed by the “flipped classroom” instructional model.

Online Textbook
You’ll have exclusive access to an online-only textbook written specifically for AP and IB Economics. Embedded videos, exercises and practice quizzes will be completed as you read the online text.

Updated PowerPoints
Separate PowerPoint bundles for IB and AP Economics, including Micro, Macro, International and Development Economics, now also available as Google Slides. Presentations Include links to relevant video lessons.

Online Quizzes
Student can complete multiple choice quizzes online and get instant feedback on understanding. Teachers can download IB-style essays with mark schemes.

Personalized Support
Personalized support for subscribers. Submit questions to the site, expect responses within 24 hours. Request Skype meetings to help with lesson or unit plans. I am here to help however I can to improve the teaching and learning experience in your Economics classroom.

What is “mastery learning”?

Are you a teacher wishing you had more time to get to know your students and differentiate your instruction for their individual learning needs? Or are you a student looking for better tools to build your understanding of Economics and prepare you to ace your exams? If so, then mastery learning may be just the instructional method you are looking for, and The Economics Classroom is the resource that can help you on your journey.

The video below will introduce you to mastery learning and help you better understand how you could benefit from a subscription to The Economics Classroom.

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Student plans

Access for a single teacher with no students: $150 for 1 year

Access to AP Microeconomics resources: $50 for 1 year

Access for one teacher with up to 20 students: $500 for 1 year

Access to AP Macroeconomics resources: $50 for 1 year

Access for one teacher with between 20 and 40 students: $800 for 1 year

Access to IB Economics Standard Level resources: $150 for 2 years

Access for one teacher with more than 40 students: $1000 for 1 year

Access to IB Economics Higher Level Level resources: $200 for 2 years

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